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Don't Divorce Your Children
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Millions of American children are living with divorced or separated parents. Those who maintain a close relationship with both mother and father despite the potential conflicts involved-stand the best chance of maturing into healthy, well-adjusted adults. In Don't Divorce Your Children, Dr. Jenny Lewis and Dr. Bill Sammons offer advice on how to prevent the painful physical and emotional distancing that so often occurs between divorced parents and their children.

Appreciating how your children's experiences are different from your own is the key to successfully guiding them through this crisis. Don't Divorce Your Children offers diary entries from both parents and children to illustrate that understanding your child's point of view is an essential step in dealing with divorce. Whether you are the residential or non-residential parent, recently separated or long-divorced, or the parent of a toddler or a teen, this book will help you:

  • Look at your divorce through your child's eyes
  • Listen to your child's point of view
  • Learn to create solutions that really work-together!

    The unique blend of real-life stories and expert advice makes Don't Divorce Your Children an invaluable tool, not only for parents but for anyone who has the best interests of children at heart.

    About the Authors:

    Jenny Lewis and Bill Sammons are pediatricians practicing in Boston, Massachusetts. For twenty years they have offered their patients a unique combination of medical expertise and tools to help families work together to find solutions to the everyday problems of life.

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    Don't Divorce Your Children
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    Don't Divorce Your Children
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