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How to Win Child Custody (2011 Edition) (Download Version)
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This is not your basic child custody book like most you will find in a bookstore. This book is for people who are in the middle of a custody dispute or feel as though there is a possibility of one in the future. This is a resource for those parents who are fighting for their rights and/or custody of their children. If you are looking for information on the basics of child custody and how child custody works, we suggest trying another resource in our bookstore.

Dear Parent,

The thought of losing your children is not even imaginable! Let the truth be known, that many parents do not even recognize this as a potential consequence when deciding to divorce. Yes, your marriage may be over, whether you want it to be or not, but your parental rights and the bond you have with your children do not have to end with it.

The number one mistake you can make is assuming you will have custody of your children. Even if your spouse has assured you of this, when the divorce process begins, the circumstances will change and his or her wants may (probably will) also change. You must protect your future with your children by being prepared for all obstacles thrown in your way. From false accusations, misrepresentations, to misinterpretations. You must be prepared! If your spouse has a good lawyer he or she will attack at any moment, twisting the truth, exaggerating the worst and doing anything he or she can do to prove that you are the unfit parent.

From the first moment your child was born, you probably swore that you would do anything for that child. Do not once assume that your spouse does not feel the same way. The parental instinct and human nature of a parent becomes overwhelmingly strong during this emotional time and can NEVER be underestimated.

Since you are going to fight for custody (or other rights) of your children, you must accept now that the parent who is perceived as the "best parent" in the eyes of the court will prevail. Perception and reality are two different things, so never take the obvious for granted. Appealing a custody decision made by the court is no easy task, so you typically only get one chance.

A custody decision made by the court is based on the role and relationship of each parent and can also be based on parental actions that take place during the process and up to the trial. One parent may make false accusations and lose custody, even though they really deserved it, or another may be unprepared to defend unexpected evidence that is presented to make them look like a bad parent. The list goes on and on. The main point to be made is that a custody dispute can bring out the worst in you, your spouse, or the both of you. If you want to win custody, you need to be able to protect yourself through taking proper actions during the process. It is time to let your opposition hurt their own case, not yours.

This book is going to take you from the very beginning all they way to winning your case. It will walk you step-by-step through the logical process of being prepared, establishing your case, working with your lawyer, and being successful in negotiations and court. It will show you in detail how to best present yourself as the best choice for your children (you are the best parent, but do you know how to make sure the court recognizes this?).

The book has been written for parents who want the inside information from those who have been in the trenches. It is for parents who do not want to learn the hard way or wish they had "done this" or "done that". We realize that most parents can not risk learning from mistakes which is why this book is as successful as it is.

Of course your children are worth it! Anyone who questions this obviously does not have any children. We realize that just about anyone will SPEND anything to keep their children in their lives. On the contrary we find that not all parents are willing to DO anything, so they are often not proactive with their case. They leave everything up to a lawyer and do very little research on their own. Winning a custody case is not about spending the most money for the best lawyer, rather it is about spending the most time and energy on proper case preparation (of course a good lawyer helps, because a good lawyer understands the value of quality case preparation). There is no way the best lawyer in town can prepare a solid case on your behalf without serious commitment and time from you. This book will give you the dose of knowledge that will make you and your lawyer realize that you are 110% devoted to winning. By being proactive, you are proving to your teammate (your lawyer) that you are ready and willing to do what ever it takes. These are the types of clients good lawyers want to work with and it is these types of clients that they are successful with.

Last night you probably talked until late hours of the night with friends or relatives exploring every option you have. We know these talks are exhausting and you often end up at the same place you started. The reason this happens is because it is difficult for you to organize your own case evaluation. We will help you organize your case so you can apply the proper strategies, tactics, and techniques found throughout this book to win your case.

We want to wish you the best of luck.


Divorce Source Staff

PS: This resource is a compilation of information from several child custody related resources written by several professionals. Each section is owned and published by Divorce Source, Inc. and has been written on a freelance basis or by an outright purchase of the professionals expertise or knowledge. The information in the book is provided to you exclusively, meaning it is not found anywhere else except in this book. It has taken several years to put together this information, because so much of what is written on child custody is about the basics. We wanted to provide something beyond the basics, which is why we have worked very hard to put together, "How to Win Child Custody".

Ordering this Downloadable Book is Easy & Confidential!
Just click the "Click Here to Download This Book" button and you will be advanced to a page listing the product you have selected to order and download. Once you have provided your billing information and your credit card is authorized, you will be automatically transferred to a page for downloading.
How to Win Child Custody (2011 Edition)
Download Price: $74.95 (normally $84.95)
Guarantee: 100% Money Back & Secure/Confidential Ordering

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